Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday To Angie

Tomorrow is Angie's Birthday in celebration Jake, Kaycie and I made her a birthday cake from a cookbook I just bought called Sky High Cakes. We made the Chocolate Cola Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting.

We used Dr Pepper in this recipe

While we were making the cake we talked about the things that make Angie so great.
Jake said his mom is great at golf and she is very organized. Jake is so glad she cleans the house while they sit around and watch television. Jake likes to go golfing and to movies with her.

Kaycie said that her mom is nice and pretty and smart and has nice clothes (she does have nice clothes and always has really great hair). Kaycie also said she likes to play games with her mom.

Happy Birthday Angie!


tbringhurst said...

Happy Birthday to Angie!!!! I agree she always has cute clothes & great hair!! Have a good birthday!

Ableggi said...

Thank you so much! This was so sweet! You are so great to make a cake with my kids and to write such great things! I love my kids they are so fun and it is good to know that they enjoy spending time with me! This really brought a tear to my eye to read this!! Thanks again Nicky!

future dirt nerd said...

it was a trip to see my book listed in your blog. one of my favorite cakes in the book just so happens to be the one you chose to bake and I created it for a friends wedding, it was the grooms cake. i hope it turned out well for you!

Jim and Brenda Curtis said...

I absolutely love your blog. It has lots of interesting things to look at and read about. I'm going to sit in my easy chair tonight with my fuzzy, warm socks on and enjoy it. What an exciting life you have!! I hope you don't care if I share your site with Kiersten. You're so fun! Thanks!