Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another crazy cab ride

I have such strange experiences taking cabs to and from the airport in almost every city but esp. New York. On my latest trip to NYC I was so relieved when I got into my cab on a bright and early Friday morning and the driver was an older Russian woman. It was awesome, quiet ride into the city with no idle chit cat I was even able to take a quick nap. When we got into the city and the quiet Russian was hit by a black car. She rolled down her window and the driver of the other car rolled down her window and they proceeded to scream at each other for about 5 minutes- there were lots of f- words, b- words and an occasional c- word. "you get out of that cab you mother f *-ing b -word and I will show you who has an f*ing problem" - all of this before 8 am - Good Morning New York City I Love You!

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