Saturday, October 29, 2011

Carzy week of Travel

The week of October 10th was one of the craziest weeks of work travel yet. It started Monday with a flight into Boston, a flight to NYC on Tuesday and then a flight to Toronto on Wednesday night.

Purpose of Trip: Visit 3 customers.

What I read: Vanity Fair and people magazines.
I also picked up what might be my favorite book of the year - You Had Me at Woof. I purchased it in the Boston Airport and could not put it down until I finished reading it late that night in my NYC hotel room. Totally inspired me to work in animal rescue someday.

Favorite Purchase: A few new fun dresses during a fast and furious pop into the new, huge Forever 21 at Times Square. A fantastic coat and a skirt at a store in Toronto that my super cool friend Susan G told me about called Joe Fresh - located in a big grocery chain. Loved it. Other than that not much time for shopping.

Best Thing I ate: Sad but true story - I did not eat anything great - most of my meals were at airport restaurants - yuck..

Inspiration - As always, any trip to Toronto would not be complete without visiting a Chapters or Indigo bookstore. They are one of the customers I usually visit in Toronto. They are basically a Barnes and Noble but with a much larger gift section. I usually spend hours there looking at all of the amazing products and the European magazines. They do such a great job merchandising our products.

Remember for the next trip: Element Hotel is awesome - even though it is next to Port Authority bus terminal. You may walk out onto 8th ave looking for a place to eat and get to watch a girl sitting on the street curb vomiting into the gutter - but I guess that is just part of the charm of staying near Port Authority. They have a roof top terrace that is fantastic.

Freak of the day: Hands down I had the strangest cab drivers on both the way in and the way out of the city. The driver on the way in really wanted to be facebook friends and hang out together in the city. The driver on the way out hated all forms of the US governement, big corporations, the war and on and on - not really sure of 85% of what he said or what I was agreeing with. I am just hoping I did not join some radical extremist group.