Sunday, March 20, 2011

know to be an indiscriminate eater.......

Last week Ruby Foo made a return visit to the critical care hospital in
SLC. She had been breathing weird all night and then the next morning
she started vomiting and shaking. The vomiting and shaking stopped
after a piece of a Williams Sonoma dish cloth came up. She passed out
on the bathroom
floor. I picked up her limp little body and shook her a bit then she
peed on me and snapped out of it.
I rushed her to the hospital in SLC and they diagnosed her as having
aspirated when she vomited causing pneumoina. She had a catheter with
antibiotics for the pneumonia. She also 2 barium tests
and radiographs to check her intestines for addional pieces of dish
cloth. I am happy to report that she is feeling better and sad to report that I will not be getting a new spring handbag. In her medical report under her history they wrote "Ruby Foo is know to be an indiscriminate eater" Here is a list of the what classifies Ruby Foo as an indiscriminate eater-
Fabric on my couch
Wooden legs on my bed
2 Bedroom pillows and 3 large pillows -corners chewed off and feathers everywhere
Hard cover books/soft cover books
Christmas Tree lights
Shoes - tons and tons of shoes
Cardboard boxes
Dvd Cases -project runway seems to be a favorite.
The list could go on and on.

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craziern said...

I have two girls that do the same thing but, fortunately, we have not had to make any ER trips. Their favorite is Wayne's socks. If you find a good way to stop it let me know.