Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

I spent the weekend with Jake, Kaycie and Riley.  Friday night Kaycie and I picked up Riley from his babysitters house and went to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make Heather C's fantastic sugar cookies and a few snacks.  We got home and baked the cookies.  I think Riley had a hard time baking with us because he is a total clean freak and Kaycie and I are proud to be very messy.  Whenever Riley would get flour on his hands he would shake his hands and then wipe them on his stomach and then look at the spot where Kaycie was working and shake his head and say - messy, messy,messy. 

Do you think Riley is telling Kaycie not to be so Messy? 
Check out all the flour on her pants.  I think Angie may find flour in her house for the next few months....sorry!

I did not have any heart shaped cookie cutters so we used 4 different dog cookie cutters.


The next morning I left at 5 am, yes 5 am, to go the retail store and dip 500 lbs of strawberries in chocolate.  How I love Valentine's Day.   I waited at the retail store until 5  for Jake to get back from snowboarding and then we drove home.  That night we each made our own pizzas, decorated cookies and went to bed early.  

Riley decorating the traditional symbol of Valentine's Day....a white Scottie Dog. 


Sunday was spent getting caught up on past episodes of American Idol and some skateboarding show on MTV that Jake loves.  Jake, Kaycie and Riley also spent some time at the farm helping my dad feed the new baby lambs.  

I took Riley and Kaycie to my parents house so I could go to work in the afternoon.  As we were getting into the car Kaycie said with tear filled eyes - so I guess this is where we say goodbye I said well I am going to Grandmas with you for a while then she said - well I guess we will save our goodbyes until then.  


Seth and Abbie Ollerton said...

I think you have to be the best aunt I have ever seen! You can always adopt Mia to be your niece!

Tiffany said...

3 things: I love that Riley is a neat freak (wish Kam was).

She did a good job on Riley's hair.

And last but not least, I love Kaysie. She is so funny and cracks me up!